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Do you think Jesus would eat pizza with us?

This was a question on my late husband’s mind as he lay there waiting for his Savior, Jesus Christ, to come release him from the suffering inflicted upon him by his 14-month battle with metastatic pancreatic and liver cancer. I assured David that Jesus would love to eat pizza with us – and would probably even eat the pepperoni if it made us happy.

It was in that most special and tender moment that our book, Pizza With Jesus (No Black Olives), took root. It is the story of our faith journey through an onslaught of suffering that only this world can deliver. It is the story of our faith’s survival even through life’s darkest, most tumultuous hours and moments – and how one’s faith can emerge on the other side of suffering – stronger and more sure than ever. It is a story of redemption that only our Savior, Jesus Christ, can deliver.

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